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Community Description

This community is for all branches of service, active duty, and veterans to come together and interact/support one another. We provide a safe space for shared learning, discussions, and collaborations for those of us who have sacrificed all to go further in life. We welcome you to share your experiences and learn from the experiences of others.

Community Information

Welcome to the Military Community!

There are many reasons why this community exists. Here are just a few:

How many of us think we are prepared for military transition and realize we have been set up for failure? If you feel this way, you are NOT alone!

The mission of this community is to grow a resource where military men, women, and spouses can come to find all of their needs in one place.

This is a space where organizations can create groups to highlight how they can help others. These organizations can also use features for training and alumni of programs. They can create courses to help others thrive. This is a one-stop shop for anyone transitioning or looking to transition out of the military.

However, this isn't just for the organization. This community is for PEOPLE. So many of us deal with things we aren't allowed to talk about or are ashamed about. Now we have a safe space to share and heal...together.

We all have a story. We invite you to come in and share your story, struggles and needs either as yourself (named) or anonymously (unnamed). And we want to provide that person the support that they need. We want them to understand that they are not walking alone. Welcome to the Military and Veterans Community!

We have some fantastic men and women coming alongside us to help us grow. We are calling on everyone to assist us in the growth process.

If you are an individual, organization, or nonprofit, Convene is a resource for you.

We are committed to making a difference.


We need our veteran leaders to come together and help us grow!

The Convene Military and Veteran Community Leaders

Meet Matthew Currin

GuhOnOWvVvEz2upnSvYUABLYScAK1gTx0ypGvGo3.pngMatthew Currin is the Creator and Founder of Convene Communities. His message is, "You have just joined one of the most important communities we have on Convene Communities, and I want to thank you for being here."
Matt is a medically retired U.S. Marine Corp veteran. He spent 14 years in the Marine Corps as a pilot. He led some of the initial missions in Afghanistan in 2001/2. He also planned and helped execute the airfield seizure of Kandahar International Airport in 2001.
Matt's life forever changed in 2001 as he lost one of his closest friends in a preventable helicopter accident. On July 9th, 2001, one of Matt's closest friends, Sgt. Clark Beaty lost his life from a 10-second, avoidable mistake. The information that could have saved him was never shared. I knew there had to be a better way. I wanted to ensure necessary information could be communicated to keep people alive. 
Matt impacts others with that story, and he shares what he knows about disability claims as a 100% Service-Disabled Veteran (SDV) who was medically retired from the Marines at 60%.
Today, Matt still operates as a pilot. He's also a dad, husband, and entrepreneur and has a Master's Degree in Counseling. Matt is always here to walk beside you, along with the other community leaders who are passionate veteran advocates.


Meet Eugene Brown

s6WqlWjY50H4HSYgIw3jqJXn6sfM0otJhwFWQxBg.pngEugene Brown is a business owner, investor, community leader, former Army Officer, husband, father, Christian, trainer, speaker, and downright awesome entrepreneur extraordinaire!
More About Eugene:
Eugene served as an Army Postal Officer in Germany during the first Gulf War (2nd from the left). He worked for Ameriprise Financial, The Vanguard Group, and Western & Southern Life. His previous investment licenses include Series 7, 6, and 65. He also has over 30 years of sales and management experience.
Eugene founded Stone Eye Capital Management to help people learn how to create more MONEY. He shares that it took him longer to change his life financially due to a lack of focus, knowledge, and skill.
Eugene has leveraged his business inside Convene Communities and teaches others how to do the same. He is a wealth of knowledge, and he knows firsthand how much the quality of our lives can improve when our finances do not limit us. Just like everything else we do in life, it starts with taking the first step. If you want to learn more about Eugene and pick his brain, head over to the Stone Eye Community.

Meet Lisa Heiring

kCuQQocyQ4iTHfRi9V9vFvCo6qEPBEgoJEHTgxeL.jpegLisa Heiring has a heart of gold. She is the SSDI Insider Secrets® Community Leader who educates veterans on how to grab hold of the social security disability claims process like a boss!
Lisa is a disabled retired Social Security Claims Specialist and a combat veteran's mother. She cares deeply about our Military, Veterans, and First Responders. Lisa knows all too well what it feels like to be out of work and need to file for Social Security Disability Benefits. She also knows how much of a pain the procedure to file is. Lisa has learned to use Convene Communities to leverage her knowledge and help others, so their journey is smoother.
Lisa teaches us about the mindset we need to have and gives us all the tools we need to make our claim the very best it can be.  Her insider knowledge gives us the edge we need. She truly cares! Check out her community today if you are looking for genuine support to get you through the claims process!



Meet Jodi Watkins

 UWo7K5Xyq4BMLcdCSUPGyAPPp8OKPu09miNGpcwx.jpegJodi Watkins is a highly motivated and hard-working entrepreneur, Air Force Veteran, Certified Health Coach, Nutritionist, and Online Personal Trainer passionate about improving individual and community health through education and public awareness. Jodi offers a lifetime of experience and tools in mindset shift, time management, self-care implementation, nutrition, exercise, and consistency through life’s challenges to anyone ready to take the journey.
In 2019, after a bout of depression once learning her military career was over. After moving back to Jacksonville, Florida, where she left a toxic life, Jodi began writing her book, Reclaim Your Life, which takes the reader through a spiritual journey of letting go of the past to step into the future. Jodi’s daughter debuts on the front of the book. Jodi contributes her ability to keep fighting to her dedication to being a good mom. She believes more than ever her daughter is her gift and blessing from God - the angel that was sent to keep Jodi fighting when things she had suppressed her whole life began coming to the surface and everything she seemed to touch fell apart (or so that's how it felt to her during that time). 
Jodi is the community leader for the Jodi Watkins Life and Health Community, which houses her Wellness Accountability Group and Reclaim Your Life Course. She attributes her time management skills to what she learned after the military, juggling her MBA degree in Healthcare Management, building her in-person and online personal training and nutrition business, being a volunteer medical lab tech, and being a mom while in Okinawa, Japan. Jodi now uses these skills to help other entrepreneurs become more balanced and enjoy life while living their purposes.
You may find the link for Jodi’s book and learn more about Jodi by going to


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Veteran Support Group
This is a Veteran Support Group for all Veterans lead by retired Marine Matthew Currin.
Matthew Currin
Operation New Uniform
Operation New Uniform (ONU), founded in 2014, has established itself as a trendsetter in the Veteran service organization space. Our mission is to ensure all our nation's Veterans have a successful transition after service. 97% of ONU Veterans who complete our program find a career within 4 months of completion. Our success is attributed to treating each Veteran as an individual, serving as many Veterans as possible without reducing quality, and meticulously tracking the results and successes of our Veterans. Our program not only serves Veterans but is now open to spouses. This group allows us to collaborate and serve others worldwide. Come on in!
ONU Veterans and Spouses
Military and Veteran Benefits and Resources
Our service entitles us to a multitude of benefits. Get the information you need to access these benefits and contribute what you know about benefits for transitioning Military and Veterans. Let's collaborate to get the benefits we deserve - we earned them! There are a multitude of resources for just about any need you have. Let's make this the place to find out how to access them.
Lisa Hiering
Amazonian Warrior Foundation
In progress of providing temporary housing through the use pop up campers to fill the gap until a more permanent housing option is available Providing Peer to Peer Support groups through the use of Board sports. Stuck points are worked through and we then come back into our body to experience the joy of One wheels, Snowboarding, Paddle boarding, and Surfing. Release of Burden Hikes allow Veterans to release burdens through a supported therapeutic hike. Check out our Release of Burden Hike tab to find out more. Our Homeless Veterans and Volunteers understand the issues of food disparity. We will be growing Good Hood Food to fill the gap for food disparity in under served communities throughout the US and feeding our UN-housed homeless Veterans.
Audry McHugh
Open Ranks
Open Ranks Nurse Consulting Services provides medical record organization; nurse audits for service members who are navigating the disability evaluation systems. One of the main barriers to an accurate evaluation is disorganized and fragmented medical records. Open Ranks uses their nursing training to provide clients, like you, with an organized picture of your medical history.
Jerome Spearman