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Group Description

Find solace and strength in our online PTSD support group. Connect with understanding individuals who share similar experiences. You're not alone on your path to healing. Join us today. In our PTSD support group, we foster a community of understanding and resilience. Utilize our discussion boards within this group to connect, share, and heal. Together, we find strength and empathy on the journey toward recovery. You're never alone in this journey. Together, we can do more.

Group Information

Welcome to our PTSD Support Group on Convene Communities! Here, you'll find a unique space designed to provide valuable resources, a supportive community, and an opportunity to share your experiences. We understand that dealing with PTSD can be challenging, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Why We're Different:

- Empathy and Understanding: Our community comprises veterans who share similar experiences, creating an environment of empathy and understanding.

- Anonymity: You can anonymously share your thoughts and experiences, ensuring your privacy and comfort.



Our mission is to offer a safe and empathetic space for veterans dealing with PTSD to find support, resources, and connections.



We aim to create a solid and united community where veterans feel empowered to share their stories, support one another, and find hope on their journey to healing.

We also want a place where we can put all the resources for veterans in one place. If you have any resources not listed in our group, please add them to our "documents" section or create a discussion board to let us know what you share. This allows our veterans to get the care and support they need anytime. 


What You Can Do Here:

- Check Our Resources: Explore our Documents section for valuable materials, articles, and tools to aid your healing process.

- Share Your Experiences: Consider writing an "Experience" to share your story with others. Your experiences may offer valuable insights and encouragement to fellow veterans.

Learn how to write an experience by watching this video: 


Our group is committed to providing you with a unique and supportive environment as you navigate life with PTSD. Remember, you are not alone. Let's connect, share, and heal together. 💪🤝


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